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The Kansas City Plaza is an outdoor museum of romantic Spanish architecture and European art where people actually live and work every day amidst its beauty. It was designed in 1922 as the nation's first suburban shopping district and has since grown to house and cater to even the most discerning of Kansas City plaza apartments seekers.
The variations of housing are vast, from modern to historic. The Kansas City Plaza offers something for each of its many residents and we would like to offer some tips on the differences you will find while hunting for your new Kansas City Plaza apartments. Please remember to share each and every want, need and wish in your new home. The more information that your personal apartment shopper has, the more time we save by eliminating Kansas City apartment homes that do not fit your needs and style.

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Historic Kansas City Plaza Apartments

Historic Kansas City Plaza apartments are the most sought out spaces available within the Kansas City Plaza. If you desire an apartment style that is historic with hardwood floors, arched entries and coffered ceilings with judges paneling then there is a Kansas City Plaza apartment awaiting you! However, they do come with a few compromises. Many of the historic Kansas City Plaza apartments do not have some of the modern amenities that we take for granted. Often you will find no dishwashers, washer and dryer hookups and the most notable, a lack of central air. For most, these compromises are small when they walk into their historic Kansas City Plaza apartment at the end of the day and discover they live in a piece of Kansas City history. These Historic Kansas City Plaza apartments start around $575.00 and go to $1000.00+.

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Kansas City Plaza High Rise Apartments

In the seventies there were several high rise buildings built to accommodate the Kansas City Plaza apartment demand. Today, these graceful towers still stand, offering a retro, modern feel with beautiful Plaza views. Many of these Kansas City Plaza apartments are updated with vast windows, modern kitchens and soft color palettes that offer individuality. These Kansas City apartment homes start in the $625.00 range and can exceed over $2,000.00 depending on size.

Luxury Kansas City Plaza Apartments
Modern Kansas City Plaza apartments have become a part of the Kansas City Plaza apartment skyline. There are several Kansas City Plaza apartment communities that offer amenities with the flair of new style. These apartment homes offer washer and dryers, dishwashers, and central air for starters. Nine foot ceilings, crown molding, parking garages and resort style pools are just a few of the ambiances you will find. The price of a Luxury Kansas City Plaza apartment will begin in price around $750.00 and can climb to over $3,000.00 for the most decadent of spaces.

Kansas City Simple Pleasures Apartments
Not all Kansas City Plaza apartments are extravagant. There is a huge number of Kansas City simple pleasure apartments that cater to the busy, on the go person who just needs a space that reflects them and offers convenience, while remaining on The Plaza. Many of these spaces are located throughout the Kansas City Plaza, Westport and Midtown and offer an eclectic array of conveniences.
These Kansas City Plaza apartment spaces range in price from $395.00 to $895.00 depending on size.


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